GSoC'22 - Final Blog Post

Summary of the work I did during the last few weeks of GSoC

GSoC'22 Week #5 - Terminal Client

A walk through of building the terminal client for OGC Maps API

GSoC'22 Week #4 - Utility functions

Various utility functions used by the API wrapper

GSoC'22 Week #3 - Parse images and setup docs

Worked mainly on image based endpoints

GSoC'22 Week #2 - Building the API wrapper

Spent the last week working with the endpoints and building helper functions

GSoC'22 Week #1 - Getting Started

The first week has been great so far, with a smooth onboarding experience.

Python Client for OGC Maps API

API wrapper and terminal client for OGC Maps API


Python Implementation of Google PageSpeed Insights


GitHub integration for web scrapping

Social networking site in Django (Cloudinary + Sendgrid)

Did you know that almost every person on our planet is a user of at least five types of social networking sites?